Alain Mikli

Representative Alain Mikli eyeglasses and sunglasses leave no one feeling indifferent. They are luxurious “sculpted” eyeglasses that reveal each individual’s personality.The flagship Mikli collection introduces young men and women who are 20 to 35 years old to a style that is trendy, colorful, whimsical, and accessible. A good example is model 1751. This frame comes is several color-combinations. The black plastic rectangle has two layers of shiny black plastic sandwiching a third layer of black and white. The blue frame holds a Milky Way of stars amidst layers of deep blue hues. The teal frame front is black in back with Mikli’s interpretation of tortoise in the temples. The red frame has a darker and more opaque front, and lighter and more translucent temples. Alain Mikli Frames Model A0455 EyewearAlain Mikli Model A0455Alain Mikli Model A0455Mikli’s Pact collection offers variations on the theme of black paired with crystal. Examples include oversized (A0466), semi-rimless (A0455), and more traditional rectangular (A0450) frames. Each style is available in three patterns and handmade from special acetate that can be carved to load it with emotion.Alain Mikli Model A0466Alain Mikli Model A0466Alain Mikli has also cosigned original collections with designers Phillipe Starck and Issey Miyake. The Starck Eyes collection unites their common passion for design that is both practical and pleasurable in a “Biovision concept” that takes its inspiration from human beings. All frames in the collection are equipped with a Biolink hinge, modeled after the human shoulder.These frames also challenge the widespread tendency to hide behind eyewear. One example that lets wearers simply “be yourself and the best you can be” is Starck Eyes PO209.01, semi-rimless rectangle with aluminum brow bar and plastic temples. The aluminum provides a truly high-tech and ultra-light look that is alluring. At the same time aluminum is lighter than titanium, hypo-allergenic, and non-corrosive—for comfort.The frames in this collection—like all Mikli eyewear—provide the pleasure of wearing glasses that are stylish, provocative, and timeless. And all models are created to a higher standard than either European or American requirements.In 1978, Paris-based Alain Mikli shook up the traditional optical industry, creating glasses that were aesthetic and functional, creative and technically advanced. His objective was to turn a handicap into a fashion statement, a vision aid into an accessory. These glasses gained attention as highly graphic objects. The main materials—metal, acetate and titanium—available in a continuously updated color range, are fashioned into different variations of the rectangle, the shape that has become characteristic of Mikli, as well as other avant-garde shapes.“In the beginning, I created wild models with an individual’s look in mind,” says Alain Mikli. “I’ve always been attracted to the theatrical side of fashion: frames to see as well as to be seen. Now, I’m concentrating on detail and the intimate side of eyewear to achieve maximum comfort and a close relationship between the frame and the person wearing it.”Mikli’s mastery of his craft includes ergonomics. "What is making me progress," Alain Mikli adds, "is technology. Now I can take my ideas through to their conclusion, with a perfect balance between the side-pieces, the front, and the sides."